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Clinical Tools

Tools that support the practice of SBIRT

Professional Training

SBIRT curricula, webinars and other training materials

Wednesday, September 21, 2016: “Reducing Unhealthy Alcohol and Drug Use Among Patients in Office-Based Physician Practices”
  • Is a two-hour training on alcohol and drug use Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and will be offered for primary care and specialty care physicians. The training will be located at Chesapeake College on Maryland’s eastern shore approximately 25 miles east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. There is no charge to participants; however, registration is required. The training will be led by two local addiction and SBIRT experts – Christopher Welsh, MD, University of Maryland Medical Center, and Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County.
Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network (ATTC)
  • Offers a “Webinar Wednesdays” series on a variety of topics relating to addiction and substance abuse treatment. Other resources include SBIRT for Youth Learning Community Sessions, an SBIRT toolkit and a digital tour of SBIRT case studies, a four-hour self-paced SBIRT training course from Pacific Southwest ATTC and an online course for Health and Behavioral Health Professionals developed by UMKC
  American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Includes resources for screening tools for providers offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SBIRT training for primary care providers and employee assistance program professionals, NIDAMED screening tools and resources and NIAAA alcohol screening and brief intervention for youth
  BIG Initiative (NORC)
  • The Employee Assistance Professional’s Guide to Screening, Brief Intervention and Treatment brings together the tools that employee assistance professionals need to screen clients for unhealthy drinking, deliver effective counseling, refer and co-manage with addiction specialists EAP clients with serious problems, and provide successful case management and follow-up
  Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)   Institute for Research, Education & Training in Addictions (IRETA)
  • Offers training materials including: Effective Risk Management in Outpatient Methadone Treatment; Substance Use Education for Nurses (SBIRT); Co-occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders in Adults; Co-occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders in Adolescents; and SBIRT Training of Trainers
  SBIRT for Health and Behavioral Health Professionals,
  • Offers a four-hour self-paced course developed by UMKC
  Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment,
  • Offers a four-hour self-paced course, developed by Pacific Southwest ATTC
  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Offers online clinical skills training on SBIRT core training, nursing tobacco interventions, motivational interviewing and other modules
The University of Maryland Project MD3 (Maryland MD’s Making a Difference)
  • Offers a SBIRT curriculum, including training videos, for medical residents

Consumer Education Materials

Resources to help you understand and address risky alcohol and substance use.

Other Resources