Brief Intervention Recommended Responses
Raise the Subject “I appreciate your answering those drug and alcohol questions. I would like to go over your answers with you. Remember everything we discuss is confidential."
Raise the Subject “I’m wondering if it would be okay if I took about 5 minutes of your time to discuss the results of the screen you just completed.”
Raise the Subject "Thank you for answering those screening questions. Would you mind if I take a few minutes to talk about your use of ________ and how it relates to your__________?"
Raise the Subject "I would like to talk with you about your responses on the alcohol/ drug screen and find out more about your experiences with alcohol or other drugs. I’m not going to lecture you or tell you what to do about alcohol and drugs; you’re in charge of you and only you can make those decisions. I just want to talk with you about your use and how it fits into your life. Would this be okay?”
Provide Feedback "I see from your questionnaire that you have used alcohol and/or marijuana during the past 12 months but you haven't yet had any serious problems resulting from their use. So now would be a great time to stop. How would you feel about stopping for a while and then checking back with me to talk about how it is going?"
Provide Feedback Tell me more about your use of _________. When did you begin using? What is your use like now?”
Enhance Motivation Explore pros and cons "What are some of the things you like about your alcohol and/or drug use?" "What are some of the things you don't like?"
Enhance Motivation “I am concerned that your alcohol/drug use will interfere with your plans or lead to some additional problems for you."
Enhance Motivation "We know that drinking can increase the risk of certain problems (refer to current problems, e.g., drop-out rates, criminal justice problems etc.) I am concerned about_____."
Enhance Motivation Assess Readiness to Change: Readiness ruler "On a scale of 0-10, with 0 being not at all ready and 10 being very ready, how ready are you to change any aspect of your substance use?"
Negotiate a Plan “I think you have several options. You can agree to stop using alcohol and/or drugs, you can cut your use down, you can go for some additional treatment, or you can do nothing."
Negotiate a Plan "How would your drinking (or drug use) have to impact your life in order for you to start thinking about making a change?"
Negotiate a Plan "What steps can you take to start making a change?"

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